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Bottle of the Week: Chinaco Reposado

As the only tequila produced and exported from Tamaulipas, Mexico, this tequila bottle truly lives up to its "one-of-a-kind" class.

This reposado rests for up to 11 months in hand-made wooden oak barrels, which infuses the tequila with some of the toasty flavors from the bourbon-stained oak. This aging process attributes to the faint chocolate & vanilla notes that begin to develop shortly after the initial bright burst of agave.

The agave presented a colorful yet familiar scent before the first sip, and its flavor remained at the forefront of the pallet throughout the whole taste.  


My favorite part about this tequila is its ability to bring the flavor experience

full circle by evolving its creamy and sugary foundation into subtle, yet unforgettable notes of spice that expand the lingering aromatic taste of Blue Weber agave.

We carefully chose Chinaco tequila as our first Bottle of the Week as a symbolic representation of how the first bottle can contain a multitude of complex flavors - a foundation that, perhaps, serves as an embodiment of the resilience & ever-evolving taste of Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Chinaco Reposado is now proudly

served at Uno Mas Agave Bar in

Oxford, Mississippi.


swirled, not stirred.

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